Q: how soon can i expect my order?

Q: do you do returns or exchanges?

Q: do you ship internationally?

Q: how do i know what size to get?

Q: how can i pay?

Q: how do i find my order number?

Q: how do i find my order number?

A: when you finish checking out you'll get an email from us with all the info of your order, including your order number. this email will come from 'orders@hellagoodbuys.net' so make sure it doesn't end up in your spam folder. the email from us will also include some info about shipping and a link for you to check if your order has shipped yet, so save that thing

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if the faq's didn't help you out, feel free to send us an email. this form sends to questions@hellogoodbye.net, but try the form! it helps us keep track of your question.

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