Q: how soon can i expect my order?

Q: do you do returns or exchanges?

Q: do you ship internationally?

Q: how do i know what size to get?

Q: how can i pay?

Q: how do i find my order number?

Q: how can i pay?

A: payments are processed safely and securely through paypal. its super easy to use and free for you. you can sign up for a paypal account in a matter of moments and pay a number of ways, or, without a paypal account you can still pay with most any credit card. international orders require a paypal account.

to make a purchase, add items to your shopping cart. when you've finished shopping, click view cart and select checkout. from there, either sign in/sign up (on the right), or pay without using an account by credit card (on the left). fill out your shipping and billing information and confirm your order. then strip down and wait for your new clothes. you may even want to burn your old clothes.

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