Q: how soon can i expect my order?

Q: do you do returns or exchanges?

Q: do you ship internationally?

Q: how do i know what size to get?

Q: how can i pay?

Q: how do i find my order number?

Q: how soon can i expect my order?

A: we'll receive and process orders probably within 24 hours of the order, and orders are shipped out every few days via usps 2-3 day priority shipping. please allow up to 14 days before you freak, cause we don't know what we're doing exactly. the order confirmation email from orders@hellagoodbuys.net has a link where you can see if we've shipped your goods yet. try to be patient with us though, we don't have a large staff or henry ford style machines shooting your order to the post office via lazer while making us coffee while we play modern warfare 2. yet.

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