about our store

hi! recently, we decided it would be really awesome if we rolled up our sleeves and ran our webstore ourselves, mostly because our forearms are one of our best features.

so i took a few days of sitting in my living room, listening to sam cooke, coding php to make a nice little store where we could display our items and keep track of our orders. we keep all the merch on this store in the spare bedroom at my house and one of us or my fabulous wife and her friends mail it out.

we're a few months in now, hit the 1,500 orders processed mark and we're really excited to be getting a little one on one time with everyone who visits and can't wait to start offering some really cool, unique, rare, or handmade items (like steffbomb's felt plush WIKY frames or chelsea's handsewn layered avocado tee's) that we'd never be able to do through some weird merch company. so thanks for dropping by and keeping us afloat!

looove, forrest

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